FSD Conseils has voluntarily decided to devote part of its time to volunteer work on behalf of associations pursuing public interest objectives.

What is Pro Bono:
The term derives from the Latin locution "pro bono publico", meaning "for the public good", and covers all forms of voluntary commitment of skills to serve the public good.
For lawyers, this means voluntarily devoting a specified portion of their time, free of charge or for a modest fee, to securing recognition or protection of the rights of disadvantaged people; providing legal services to assist organizations representing the interests of disadvantaged members of the community, or working on their behalf or for other public-interest organizations; or improving laws or the justice system.

Our latest projects:
FSD Conseils assisted Reed Smith in its cross-border research project for "28 Too Many", a charity seeking to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide.
The project involved compiling relevant information on the application and effectiveness of FGM laws, relevant cases and customary laws in Mali.

Other pro bono activities:
FSD Conseils also assists law students by giving them the opportunity to gain practical and enriching experience within the firm, where they can develop their knowledge within an experienced team, while respecting professional ethics.

FSD Conseils supports the Association Malienne de Lutte contre les Déficces Mentales chez l'Enfant (AMALDEME) in its pro bono activities.