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Law n°2013-015 of May 21, 2013 on the protection of personal data regulates the installation of surveillance cameras, providing in particular that the installation of cameras must be declared to the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDP).

More recently, deliberation no. 2021-176/APDP of August 11, 2021, amending deliberation no. 2017-024/APDP on the conditions for implementing the camera surveillance system on private premises and workplaces, provides certain additional clarifications.

Article 2 of deliberation no. 2021-176/APDP specifies that the declaration must indicate :

  • Reasons for setting up the system ;
  • How people are informed ;
  • Safety measures ;
  • Precise identification of image recipients,
  • The maximum duration and storage location of recorded images.


In the case of cameras installed on fence walls, their field of coverage in the street must not exceed 2m50 from the property under surveillance.

With regard to persons having access or the right to access the installations, the personal information processed may only be viewed by persons authorized to do so by virtue of their functions and in compliance with the purpose of the system.

However, judicial and police authorities may receive the same information as part of their legal and regulatory duties in the event of an offence being detected or evidence being sought.


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