FSD Conseils establishes its fees in full transparency with its clients, according to the nature and difficulty of the case and the time devoted to handling it.
To specify the terms and conditions for setting fees, we propose a letter of engagement/fee agreement.

Three formulas are available:

Fees based on time spent:
Fees will be based on the number of hours spent by the firm handling the case. Fees will therefore depend on both the time spent and the hourly rate.

Lump-sum" fees:
This formula is generally used when there are few uncertainties regarding the course of the proceedings, enabling the firm to agree with its client on a lump-sum fee for the entire handling of the case.

Fees based on results:
FSD Conseils and its clients may agree that, in addition to the "minimum" fees based on a fixed price or a quota of hours, additional remuneration will be paid based on the achievement of a specific result for the client. Fees based on results cannot be the only method of remuneration.